• Grateful Dead

    Two From The Vault: Shrine Auditorium 1968

    May 01, 1992

    Grateful Dead Records
Double CD vault release featuring music from August 24, 1968.


  1. Good Morning Little School Girl
  2. Dark Star
  3. Saint Stephen
  4. The Eleven
  5. Death Don't Have No Mercy
  6. The Other One
  7. New Potato Caboose
  8. Turn On Your Lovelight
  9. Morning Dew

  • Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
  • Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (keyboard, vocals, harmonica)
  • Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)
  • Bill Kreutzmann (percussion)
  • Mickey Hart (percussion)

(0) Additional Personnel

    Album Notes

    There was some confusion on the original release of this set as to the date of the recordings. Initially the music was thought to be from both August 23 and August 24 1968. It has since been determined though that the music on Two From The Vault is all from August 24, 1968.

    The album also incorrectly lists the Shrine Auditorium as the venue for the recordings. The Exposition Hall was, in fact, a smaller room attached to the Auditorium.

    The additional tracks added as a third disc for the expanded edition are from August 23rd, 1968.

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