• Grateful Dead

    Dick's Picks, Vol. 1

    December 19, 1993

    Grateful Dead Records
The first of the vault releases selected by and named in honor of tape archivist Dick Latvala. A two CD set from the December 19, 1973 show in Tampa.

  • Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals)
  • Keith Godchaux (keyboards)
  • Bill Kreutzmann (drums)
  • Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
  • Bob Weir (rhythm guitar, vocals)

(0) Additional Personnel

    Album Notes

    In the CD liner notes, Donna Jean Godchaux is listed in the band lineup and credited as “giving birth”.

    The rear cover of the CD carries the following message.

    Caveat Emptor:

    The recording herein has been lovingly remastered directly from the original two-track master tape and is therefore not immune to the various glitches, splices, reel changes and other aural gremlins contained on said original. Dick’s Picks differs from our From The Vault series in that we simply did not have access to complete shows (nor the modern mixing capabilities afforded by multitrack tapes) But we think the historical value and musical quality of these tapes more than compensates for any technical anomalies… In other words what you hear is what you get. And what you get ain’t bad!

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