• Grateful Dead

    Infrared Roses

    November 01, 1991

    Grateful Dead Records
A CD of pieces taken from the drums/space sections of Grateful Dead shows in 1989 and 1990. The titles were devised by Hunter.


  1. Parallelogram
  2. Little Nemo In Nightland
  3. Riverside Rhapsody
  4. Post-Modern Highrise Table Top Stomp
  5. Infrared Roses
  6. Silver Apples Of The Moon
  7. Speaking In Swords
  8. Magnesium Night Light
  9. Sparrow Hawk Row
  10. River Of Nine Sorrows
  11. Apollo At The Ritz

  • Jerry Garcia (guitar, electronic percussion, synthesizer)
  • Bruce Hornsby (piano, synthesizer)
  • Mickey Hart (trap drums, beast, beam, electronic percussion, talking drum)
  • Bill Kreutzmann (trap drums, tibales, electronic percussion, toms, synthesizer)
  • Phil Lesh (bass, synthesizer)
  • Brent Mydland (keyboards, midi keyboard, synthesizer)
  • Bob Weir (guitar, midi guitar, synthesizer)
  • Vince Welnick (synthesizer)

(4) Additional Personnel

    • Bob Bralove (drum machine sequencing)
    • Willie Green III (kick snare hat)
    • Dan Healy (processing)
    • Branford Marsalis (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone)

Album Notes

The CD provides some technical information about the recording of the music:

This CD is an ADD recording. Multi-track analog tape was mixed to a digital format and then digitally mastered for the CD. The original multi-track recordings were all done on a twenty four track analog machine using Dolby SR noise reduction. Two-track masters were used in Crowd Sculpture, Parallelogram, Speaking In Swords, Sparrow Hawk Rowand River Of Nine Sorrows. These masters were transferred to the twenty four track machine where they were combined with the multi-track recordings, manipulated, and processed for the final results.Silver Apples Of The Moon was recorded as MIDI data into a computer during several performances and was edited and orchestrated from the computer before being recorded as sound information on the multi-track tape.




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