• Jerry Garcia Band

    GarciaLive Volume Seven: Sophie's, Palo Alto

    August 19, 2016

    Round Records
GarciaLive Volume Seven showcases the Jerry Garcia Band's November 8th, 1976 performance at Sophie’s in Palo Alto, California. It was the year of this recording that Donna Jean and Keith Godchaux first joined up with the Jerry Garcia Band. Their addition, along with Ron Tutt on drums and bassist John Kahn, helped form what would be one of the most durable lineups of the Garcia Band. In fact, earlier that year Garcia commented "I haven’t been as happy with any little performing group since Old And In The Way in terms of feeling ‘this is really harmonious, this is what I want to hear.’”


  1. The Way You Do The Things You Do
  2. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  3. After Midnight
  4. Who Was John
  5. Mission In The Rain
  6. Stir It Up
  7. Midnight Moonlight
  8. Tore Up Over You
  9. Friend Of The Devil
  10. Don't Let Go
  11. Strange Man
  12. Stop That Train
  13. Mighty High

  • Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals)
  • Donna Jean Godchaux (vocals)
  • Keith Godchaux (keyboards)
  • John Kahn (bass)
  • Ron Tutt (drums)

(0) Additional Personnel

Album Notes

Special thanks to: Trixie Garcia, Annabelle Garcia, Tiff Garcia, Heather Katz, Sunshine Kesey, Carolyn Adams Garcia, Keelin Garcia, Manasha Garcia, Coran Capshaw, Jonathan Blaufarb and Vivek Sridharan at Councel, LLP, Elliot Groffman, Paul Gutman, Ira Friedman and Kelly Corson at Carroll, Guido and Groffman, LLP, Mark Pinkus, Nicholas Meriwether, Jeffrey Norman, David Lemieux, Steve Parish, Donna Jean Godchaux – Mackay, AND A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE FANS FOR YOUR CONTINUOUS SUPPORT.



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