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Deer Creek Music Center

Noblesville, IN


Grateful Dead

July 2, 1995

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Here Comes Sunshine
  2. Walkin' Blues
  3. Dire Wolf
  4. It's All Over Now
  5. Brokedown Palace
  6. Desolation Row
  7. Tennessee Jed
  8. Let It Grow


  1. The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • Bob Weir
    guitar, vocals

  • Phil Lesh
    bass, vocals

  • Bill Kreutzmann

  • Mickey Hart

  • Vince Welnick
    keyboards, vocals

Show Facts

Final "Here comes Sunshine".
Final "Walking Blues".
Final "Dire Wolf".
Final "It's All Over Now".
Final "Broken Arrow".
Final "Desolation Row".
Final "Let It Grow".
Final "Scarlet Begonias".
Final "Fire on the Mountain".
Final "Victim or the Crime".
Final "New Speedway Boogie".
Final "Attics of My Life".
Final "The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)".

Major gate crash occurred during Desolation Row. Police moved in with tear gas. Second show scheduled for the following night was cancelled.

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User avatar

Chris Bukoski | Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Jerry had received death threats as well on this date. The gates crashed, St.Louis was a lighting bolts target for an unlucky two then Jerry gets a threat on his LiFe???…
..So…he spontaneously slipped a Dire Wolf into the setlist … pleading. “DON’T MURDER ME!”..oh Jerry,you were the prankster. Love and miss you everyday

User avatar

James Huycke | Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Just as Keller, I was blessed to be at every Deer Creek show the band ever performed, even though to the best of my knowledge, I never met him there. Perfect attendance was quite a feat, given the circumstances, particularly in consideration of the first show.

The first performance at Deer Creek was personally pre-GPS, pre-cell phone, pre-Google maps, and it wasn’t until I actually arrived at the tiny crossroads general store that I finally realized that the Deer Creek Music Theater was not located in Deer Creek, Indiana. A kindly older gentleman looking every bit the archetype of an Indiana corn farmer patiently explained for what must have been at least the hundredth time the zig-zag path back northwards to Noblesville.

As lucky as I may have been to make all of those DC shows, whatever curse it was that hung over this particular tour was about to make the full extent of its evil known. Deer Creek had started out as a very friendly venue with a laid back and accommodating attitude. By the end, that attitude had soured.

There was a distinctive shift in the energy of the shows as time went on. More drunks, more violence, more trash, more vandalism, more talking during quiet passages, more shouting over loud passages, less peace, less respect, less sharing, less caring—in short—more darkness. Thus, despite our own disdain for the use of the term, it was not uncommon for us to refer to “those people” as “In the Darkers.”

The lot was packed with people looking for miracles—clearly far more were present than the relatively small venue could hold.

Only one entrance was open for this show and security was checking nearly everyone with metal detectors, and a groping pat down. After making it through the security check, everyone was paraded past uniformed police officers restraining dogs on their leashes.

The venue staff was kind enough to allow those without tickets to gather around a pond on the backside of the hill, coolers and blankets and all. Although they could not see the show, reports were that the sound quality was not all that bad.

“Here Comes Sunshine” is such a metaphorical opener, and for the normally bucolic and pastoral Creek, it seemed a fine way to start. Again in retrospect, The Dire Wolf collecting his due haled as yet another harbinger—the deck did indeed seem to be stacked against us.

The sun was setting as the last strains of Broken Arrow settled in with the end of the day. The stories about what happened then are amazingly consistent. One guy—just one guy—began to charge up the backside of the hill towards the fence. Security and law enforcement gave chase. But so many staff left their posts to join the chase that the ticketless masses at the base of the hill perceived that the odds of any given individual being stopped, let alone apprehended, were almost nil.

The incendiary spread of the mob mentality is clearly evident in the video posted on the Internet (YouTube video: Amidst cheers, dozens and dozens of people charge up the hill pell-mell. They clamber up a fence far too weak to support their combined weight.

The fence begins to collapse as people jump and fall to the ground. There was at least one report of a person being injured in a fall with a bloody face. Others began to tear planks away from the fence.

Some of those who made it over or through the fence knew that they would have to disappear quickly into the crowd to evade ejection and/or arrest, so they recklessly tore down the hill through the capacity crowd. There was a story of a mother scooping up a young child in an attempt to avoid injury by the berserk as others nearby tried to form a human barricade around mother and child to prevent injury.

Another woman had to be physically protected by her boyfriend when the mob nearly trampled her after she stumbled. Despite the destruction and the dangers, some of the crowd inside the venue reacted by cheering on the crashers. There were a few boos, but most of the audience stood in silent disbelief as the lyrics of Desolation Row hung over the chaos in an ironic accompaniment: “And the riot squad they’re restless, They need somewhere to go…”

Outside, security and law enforcement attempted to restore order, reportedly some of whom used too much zeal in their efforts. Allegedly, a young girl was beaten with Billy-clubs by three cops even though she was helpless and screaming. Some of the crowd then responded by throwing bottles at some of the law enforcement officers. Eventually, some of the officers—reportedly state troopers—responded with tear gas.

The house lights were left on for the rest of the evening. Helicopters circled overhead with spotlights. Police dogs could be heard from the lawn.

Another person in attendance said that after he and his girlfriend used the restroom during set break they could not make it back to their spot on the lawn with their friends due to the excessive amount of people inside the venue.

“And the only sound that’s left, After the ambulances go, Is Cinderella sweeping up, On Desolation Row”

When we left the show there were police standing there in riot gear, with dogs at the ready as tear gas canisters were scattered about on the ground.

“Right now I can’t read too good, Don’t send me no more letters no, Not unless you mail them, From Desolation Row”

I had previously witnessed a gate crashing incident, in Indianapolis of all places. Who remembers the Who?—not enough apparently. However, this was for me, Ivan, and a large number of us, the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place.

User avatar

Josh Blew | Friday, February 19th, 2016

My one and only Dead show. It was my high school graduation gift to myself. It was a very troubled time in my life, and nothing that happened here helped. Still, I AM glad to have seen Jerry alive once. That’s about all I can say about that.

User avatar

Jason Messer | Sunday, August 9th, 2015

I was having a great time just sitting on the lake. Deer Creek was great like that
There was no need to crash the fence. We were just caught in the moment of a few ppl that acted on a selfish and very poorly thought out plan. I watched one kid walk up and down the lakeside the whole first set saying second set were going. Had no idea what be meant until I witnessed a herd of ppl stampede the gate. Almost all of them following the very few who I felt l tried to lead a whole lot of stoned out trippin young ppl who were honestly happy just sitting on the lake. I still had a lot of fun but I felt awful for the band and the ones who got cancelled on nxt day. I did get an in depth look at how a cpl dudes with an empty,selfish plan can quickly turn into a rebellious stampede turning kind lovin ppl into rabid animals ready to bite the band that leads them. Still love em everyday.

User avatar

Jason McDaniel | Saturday, July 18th, 2015

Yeah the gate crashers ruined the 2nd night which I was looking foward to. Wasn’t thrilled having to drive back to Cleveland the next day it was depressing to say the least.

User avatar

josh barton | Monday, June 29th, 2015

I had a ticket

User avatar

josh barton | Monday, June 29th, 2015

I was there when the fence came was behind the pavilion and the lawn.there was a guy on a bread truck with a mega phone yelling nock it down over and over again.I was small so I got to the front of the croud to see what was going on and found myself pressed against the fence by the people behind was getting hard to breath thon the fence ce down. I almost got trampled .I went with the flow and ended up in the pavellion

User avatar

Rob Winsall | Friday, May 30th, 2014

Gate Crashers Suck