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Gymnasium (State University of New York)

Stony Brook, NY


Jerry Garcia Band

February 24, 1980

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Sugaree
  2. Catfish John
  3. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  4. Sitting Here In Limbo
  5. That's All Right, Mama

Set 2

  1. That's What Love Will Make You Do
  2. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  3. Tore Up Over You
  4. I'll Take A Melody
  5. Harder They Come

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • John Kahn

  • Ozzie Ahlers

  • Johnny de Fonseca

Show Facts

Robert Hunter replaced Rachel Sweet as the opening act.

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Tom Banjo | Thursday, March 19th, 2020

The show was not as spectacular as others during this run, but Jerry sounded sweet. Rachel Sweet came out to sing some background vocals on How Sweet It Is to be loved by You. The show got better as it went along. I’ll Take A Melody was sweet, The Harder They Come was the highlight to finish. Folks in attendance chanted “Jerry, Jerry, etc” to get him back on stage. The Midnight Moonlight encore was terrific as well.