Their Story

The Hart Valley Drifters was one of several groups that Jerry played with during the folk revival of the early 1960s. Made up of Jerry on banjo, guitar and vocals, Robert Hunter on bass and vocals, David Nelson on guitar, Norm Van Maastricht on dobro, and Ken Frankel on banjo, fiddle and guitar, it was perhaps the first of Jerry’s bands to present a professional level of musicianship and vocal harmony.


  • Jerry Garcia

    guitar, banjo, vocals

    1962 - 1962

  • Robert Hunter

    bass, vocals

    1962 - 1962

  • David Nelson


    1962 - 1962

  • Norm Van Maastricht

    guitar, dobro

    1962 - 1962

  • Ken Frankel

    banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals

    1962 - 1962