• Jerry Garcia Band

    Fall 1989: The Long Island Sound

    December 17, 2013

    Round Records
A 6-CD box set featuring two complete, previously unreleased performances from the Jerry Garcia Band and Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman recorded September 5th, 1989 in Hartford, CT and September 6th, 1989 in Uniondale, NY.


  1. Festival
  2. Fever
  3. K.C. Moan
  4. Desolation Row
  5. Looks Like Rain
  6. The Winners
  7. Victim Or The Crime
  8. Wasserman Bass Improvisation No. 1
  9. Throwing Stones
  10. Cats Under The Stars
  11. They Love Each Other
  12. Waiting For A Miracle
  13. Run For The Roses
  14. Like A Road Leading Home
  15. My Sisters And Brothers
  16. Deal
  17. Tuning
  18. The Harder They Come
  19. Mission In The Rain
  20. Forever Young
  21. Evangeline
  22. Gomorrah
  23. Don't Let Go
  24. Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
  25. Walkin' Blues
  26. City GIrls
  27. Fever
  28. Blackbird
  29. When I Paint My Masterpiece
  30. Shade of Grey
  31. The Winners
  32. Easy To Slip
  33. Wasserman Bass Improvisation No. 1
  34. Heaven Help The Fool
  35. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  36. Stop That Train
  37. That's What Love Will Make You Do
  38. Mississippi Moon
  39. I Second That Emotion
  40. And It Stoned Me
  41. Deal
  42. The Harder They Come
  43. Dear Prudence
  44. I Shall Be Released
  45. Let It Rock
  46. Evangeline
  47. That Lucky Old Sun
  48. Tangled Up In Blue

  • Jerry Garcia (vocals, guitar)
  • John Kahn (bass)
  • David Kemper (drums)
  • Melvin Seals (organ)
  • Jaclyn LaBranch (vocals)
  • Gloria Jones (vocals)
  • Bob Weir (vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • Rob Wasserman (acoustic bass)

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    Album Notes

    September 5th, 1989 – Hartford Civic Center – Hartford, CT

    Disc One: Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman

    K.C. Moan
    Desolation Row
    Looks Like Rain
    The Winners
    Victim or the Crime
    Wasserman Bass Improvisation no. 1
    Throwing Stones

    Disc Two: Jerry Garcia Band – Set One

    Cats Under The Stars
    They Love Each Other
    Waiting For A Miracle
    Run for the Roses
    Like A Road
    My Sisters and Brothers

    Disc Three: Jerry Garcia Band – Set Two

    The Harder They Come
    Mission in the Rain
    Forever Young
    Don’t Let Go
    Lonesome and a Long Way From Home

    September 6th, 1989 – Nassau Coliseum – Uniondale, NY

    Disc Four: Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman

    Walking Blues
    City Girls
    When I Paint My Masterpiece
    Shade of Grey
    The Winners
    Easy To Slip
    Wasserman Bass Improvisation no. 1
    Heaven Help The Fool

    Disc Five: Jerry Garcia Band – Set One

    How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
    Stop That Train
    That’s What Love Will Make You Do
    Mississippi Moon
    I Second That Emotion
    And It Stoned Me

    Disc Six: Jerry Garcia Band – Set Two

    The Harder They Come
    Dear Prudence
    I Shall Be Released
    Let It Rock
    That Lucky Old Sun
    Tangled Up In Blue


    SPECIAL THANKS TO: Trixie Garcia, Annabelle Garcia, Tiff Garcia, Heather Katz, Sunshine Kesey, Keelin Garcia, Carolyn Adams Garcia, Manasha Garcia, Coran Capshaw, Jonathan Blaufarb And Vivek Sridharan At Counsel, LLP, Elliot Groffman, Paul Gutman, Ira Friedman and Kelly Corson At Carroll, Guido and Groffman LLP, John Cutler, Clare Hicks, Mark Pinkus, Nicholas Meriwether, Jeffrey Norman, David Lemieux, Chris McCutcheon, Matt Busch, Mike McGinn, Natascha Weir, Jack and Milena Parber, Albert and Dunia Wasserman, Veronica Wasserman, Sara Wasserman, Cindy Wasserman, Lady Lakshmi Presents, Linda Kahn, Gloria Jones, Jaclyn LaBranch, Melvin Seals, David Kemper, John Scher, Steve Parish and a very special thank you to the fans for your continuous support.


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