Horse Named Bill

Music By Tradtional
Words By Traditional

Released October 1993

Oh I had a horse and his name was Bill And when he ran he couldn't stand still He ran away one day And also I ran with him He ran so fast he could not stop He ran into a barber shop Fell exhaustionized - with his eye teeth - In the barber's left shoulder I had a gal and her name was Daisy And when she sang the cat went crazy With deliriums - St. Vituses - And all kinds of cataleptics One day she sang a song about A man who turned himself inside out And jumped into the river He was so very sleepy I'm going out in the woods next year And shoot for beer and not for deer Well I am, well I ain't I'm a great sharpshootress At shooting birds I am a beaut There is no bird I cannot shoot In the eye, in the ear, in the teeth And in the fingers I went up in a balloon so big The people on earth looked like, a pig Like a mouse, like a caddydid Like flyses and like fleases The balloon had turned up with its bottom side high Fell on the wife of a country squire She made a noise like a doghound, like a steam whistle And like dynamite What, could you do in a case like that What can you do but stamp on your hat Or on your mother, on your toothbrush And on everything that's helpless