Cardboard Cowboy

Music By Phil Lesh
Words By Phil Lesh

When the cardboard cowboy dreams and his cornucopia
Opens up the sky and blows my mind to the corners of
[Far in bar rent shine] running beneath high trembling dove
Leaving me transfixed and raving in the wake of the hammer blow

On my way out of town I stumbled on the shards of a hungry [scream]
And further up into the backdoor circle, where the [power and crystal sea]
[Could this go rise by all allow brater] on the strength of an anguished sigh
And a paranoid re-entry blanket flies sleeping on a sling shot ride

As my patchwork [world/quilt] unravels, I ramble yes too high
[From the looping antrobus with his magic meant so high]
Shining out a masquerade from dawn to alpha plus
Watching mashed potatoes dribble in the heat of reality's earth

[For the intro doom from] running to him
It wasn't ever so
Turns the wall into the sky above me, there is no place to run

Ice Nine Publishing; used by permission