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Soldier Field

Chicago, IL


Grateful Dead

July 8, 1995

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Jack Straw
  2. Sugaree
  3. Wang Dang Doodle
  4. Althea
  5. Queen Jane Approximately
  6. Tennessee Jed
  7. Eternity
  8. Don't Ease Me In

Set 2

  1. China Cat Sunflower >
  2. I Know You Rider
  3. It's All Too Much
  4. Saint Of Circumstance >
  5. Terrapin Station >
  6. Drums >
  7. Space
  8. The Other One >
  9. Visions Of Johanna >
  10. One More Saturday Night


  1. U.S. Blues

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • Bob Weir
    guitar, vocals

  • Phil Lesh
    bass, vocals

  • Bill Kreutzmann

  • Mickey Hart

  • Vince Welnick
    keyboards, vocals

Additional Acts:
  • The Band

Show Facts

All songs except Drums and Space are final versions.

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User avatar

Emilee Kimball | Saturday, January 6th, 2024

I was at the July 8, 1995 Soldiers Field Chicago IL. I sold my tickets for that Sunday – which turned out to be Jerry’s last show 🙁 But I had to get back home to work that Monday.
I spent a good part of the afternoon calling out for my friends, that were meeting me there, from on top of a dumpster. To the point that I burnt my forehead so bad it scabbed up. Worth it. 😉 The crowd was huge! Bigger than I’d ever seen at any concert until then and up until this day. I know there were many people who took photos of me on top of my “perch.” I am hoping I can find at least one of them for the sake of nostalgia. This was an amazing experience in my life and I would love to have a moment captured in time of me there.

User avatar

Jacob Carr | Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Not trying to be difficult — but the photo on this page cannot be from 7/8/95 because Jerry was playing Rosebud at this show.

User avatar

James Huycke | Thursday, January 11th, 2018

The Band opened this show. Ivan got one last Jack out of Jerry, and an opener at that. This was our second China>Rider on this leg, and despite the teleprompters, Jerry missed a fair chunk of the lyrics for the Cat, adding to its queerly anticlimactic quality.

Many people have commented that the highlight of the ‘95 Soldier Field shows was Visions of Johanna. It was inspired, well sung, well played and passionately performed. Jerry raised his fist at the “Mona Lisa had those highway blues” line. Yet, he seemed so lost during the US Blues encore that it nearly became an instrumental.

User avatar

Ferdinand Humer | Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

The visions of j…was good!!I was there for both nights..and the band…also saw omni pyramids and Charlotte shows in 95