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River Bend Music Center

Cincinnati, OH


Grateful Dead

June 30, 1986

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Set List

Set 2

  1. Bertha >
  2. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
  3. Ship Of Fools
  4. Smokestack Lightning >
  5. He's Gone >
  6. Drums >
  7. Space >
  8. I Need A Miracle >
  9. Stella Blue >
  10. Good Lovin'


  1. The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • Bob Weir
    guitar, vocals

  • Phil Lesh
    bass, vocals

  • Bill Kreutzmann

  • Mickey Hart

  • Brent Mydland
    keyboards, vocals

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Lonnie Johnson | Thursday, June 4th, 2015

My second show and one of my favorites. My three best friends an I drove up from lakeland florida and camped in red top mountain Georgia. The next day We rolled into the riverbend amphitheatre and bought some doses off some dude within minutes of parking. It turned out to be quite an adventure. We were right by the tapers screaming our heads off until one of the tapers politely asked us to move. Im still embarrassed by that. The show was hot and tight and the crowd scene was nuts. We were just 19 then and I remember seeing a bunch of hippies huddled around one of their own who was tripping way too hard.