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The Stone

San Francisco, CA


Jerry Garcia and John Kahn

September 27, 1985

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Joe Nicholl | Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

This was kind of a quicky & early acoustic show for Jerry & John…afterwards I felt they were doing a sorta keep-in-shape show…keep the fingers greased so to speak…no better place than The Stone for a work-out. Show started at 8:00 and done around 10:00…I do remember after the last note played Jerry hung-up his guitar, took a moment to light a ciggie, threw the match on stage and kinda stomped off stage looking a touch annoyed…could have been my perception by that’s the way I remember it…so, just kind of another show, but I cherished it just like all the others! When I walked out there was a whole different crowd lined-up and waiting to get in…almost a disco crowd, it was kind of funny…hippies out > disco dancers in! I wonder if they danced to Shakedown Street!