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Good Skates Roller Rink, Port Haven Music Hall

Late Show
East Setauket, NY


Jerry Garcia Band

August 14, 1984

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Set List

No set list available.

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • John Kahn

  • Melvin Seals

  • David Kemper

  • Jacklyn LaBranch
    backing vocals

  • Gloria Jones
    backing vocals

Show Facts

This show was canceled and re-scheduled for 8/16/84.

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Alexander Miller | Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Wow I was… 15. Kind of a “bad” kid if that was doing lsd and enjoying standing … 6 ft from Jerry… I was sooooooooooo high and it was soooooooooo hot. Some girl had made me a tie dye it went almost completely white again and I probably looked like a dirty tripping slightly inward leaning insecure Oompa Loompahahha. All I know is Jerry looked really bad that’s actually another memory because I was really fucking high and he looked terrible cause it was so fucking hot. It was raining from the ceiling at one and it wasn’t that high of a ceiling either, and there was just no air pump through that place so it was weird. I would say I just I don’t I won’t say I had the greatest trip of my whole life, but it was really cool being that close to Jerry but too hot can’t remember what they played. They just play the usual ones of that time. I also saw them in at the Caldwel college later that fall Maybe ? I don’t know. Wow what a trip long time ago

User avatar

Alexander Potterton | Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

My First SHOW.