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Benefit for Sandy Alexander's son Erik. Lineup included Jerry Garcia and John Kahn, Bo Diddley, Ronnie Spector, Rogue, Robert Gordon and Moonbeam.

The Palladium

New York, NY


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John Muggsy | Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

Incredible experience. The Angels were mostly chill. They didn’t act like the press said they should. The theater was open doors – my friends and I would come and go, like many others. There was a cheap bar on Irving Place everyone was getting beers and going back to the show. Best act that night was Bo Diddley, who had the audience riveted. He’d play a few scratchy chords and stop suddenly. The place would grow silent, and he’d blast out some more. After a couple of minutes everyone was on their feet cheering him on, at around 2 AM. I am still grateful to have seen that performance by a rock legend. Garcia showed up late, the band took a long time setting up, and as was typical in that period, lacked energy and engagement when they finally played. I wish I could remember Ronnie Spector’s performance more clearly, I don’t even think I knew who she was at that time. I’d graduated high school that week. Coming out of the Palladium at 5 AM was stunning and beautiful. The sun was just coming up, and there were many – 100 more, Hells Angels’ Harleys parked along 14th St. Angels and cops standing around, giving each other space.

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Colette Quagliara | Friday, April 23rd, 2021

The benefit was for my son Erik. Marshall Tucker Band was performing that evening. They used the drum riser of Rick Frank (Rogue) so that didn’t have to change over for the midnight show (the benefit). It was a crazy night. Yes, a man did jump from the balcony and just missed the sound board. Luckily, we invited all the doctors and nurses from the hospital, so he was taken care of immediately.. We also gave the 2 police officers awards. They helped us locate my son, and got him into the ambulance with the best paramedics that night. They also made sure first avenue had a clear run up to Bellevue Hospital.

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Peter Huebner | Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

yup I was there. there was a separate show ( Unrelated- i forget who it was) that the plan had been to just clear out the theater and bring on Jerry But it was a cluster . My recollections was 1) it didn’t start until after 2 am , 2) There was a set break- and a second set I recall this specifically as we were in the balcony and at the set break a guy came running down from above and vaulted the railing . I believe that was around 4 AM , the show wasn’t over until after 5 and i remember daylight creeping up as we left the theater ( I think) It was a pretty crazy night – I’ve never have seen so many Hells Angels with their bikes parked along 14th street

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John D'Andrea | Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

What a night !!! Heard about the show late in the afternoon, headed into the city, took a dose and couldn’t find a ticket…The security was so freaked out over The Hells Angels that the were not even checking tickets…I just walked in , I could see the the guys at the door literally trembling…There were Angles from all over the world there , it was fascinating to see all these bikers piling in to see Jerry…Great acoustic performance…

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DJ Johnson | Saturday, December 28th, 2019

Ticket has a start time of 11:59 PM and there’s a poster out there that says start time of 12:15 AM. I guess this was a late one, but it was Friday. Any eyewitnesses out there ?