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Jerry with Bob Weir Acoustic Show

Club Melk Weg



Jerry Garcia and Friends

October 11, 1981

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David Trespel | Monday, October 12th, 2015

David Trespel I was at this show. I went to Amsterdam on the day off between Brenman and Munich with two great friends. I was sitting in the Bulldog cafe (not having a coffee) when some guy walks in a hands me a flier from the Melkweg saying that Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir were playing tonight. I almost shaat my pants with surprise and joy. Later that night went in and explored the club which was completely open (all rooms) not like when the Dead played there a few days later (only the grand ballroom was open those two famed nights). Some other performers played first. I remember a woman in leopard skin tights reading poetry beforehand. Then Jerry & Bob alone came out and played an acoustic set. Much like the sets we heard at the Warfield and Radio City the year before. Afterwards I went to the office where I saw Rock Skully and he said the shows in Nancy and Frejuis in the south of France were cancelled as they only presold something like 63 tickets, so they were trying to move those dates to the Melkweg and he would let the heads on tour know. After the Russelhiem (forgive my poor spelling) show on the 13th, Rock came out and announced the next shows would be in Amsterdam at the Melkweg. I already had my members card so I got a discount. That members card I think was my ticket. I donated all my European tour tickets to The Grateful Dead Archives through Elena at the Dead Office. I write this with fond memory of the two people I traveled with and went to that show with Neil and Helene. May your spirits be looking down on me and smiling. I also want to give thanks to Uncle Sam who gave me a student loan that term which I used to travel to Europe and learn about Europe while seeing my favorite band. I stayed 2 additional months in Europe and even went to Egypt to see the Pyramids where I saw a local wearing a Skull & Roses tee shirt under this traditional robe. I wish I had my photos. The tour shirt in Europe had the two French dates but back in America they changed the tour dates for that tour to the two OPPS Concerts.