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Holleder Memorial Stadium

Rochester, NY


Grateful Dead

September 1, 1979

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Set List

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • Bob Weir
    guitar, vocals

  • Phil Lesh
    bass, vocals

  • Bill Kreutzmann

  • Mickey Hart

  • Brent Mydland
    keyboards, vocals

Additional Acts:
  • Greg Kihn Band
  • The Good Rats

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MattMan B | Monday, December 12th, 2022

Open acts were Good Rats and Greg Kihn Band.

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Bruce Pietsch | Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Weird show- Jerry in hot day did not seem beakthy to me.. Recall heads throwing rubber rats back at Goodrats (as they played “Im a Mean Mother-f-er!” Lol-
Goodrats- col! they had no clue why declaring thrnsekves to be mean mofos seemed to be kind of totally stupid – anti peaceful deadhead (except it pissed us iff enuf to hit goodrats w stupid rubber rats–) philosophy!