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Giza Sound and Light Theater



Grateful Dead

September 14, 1978

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Ollin Arageed* >
  2. Not Fade Away
  3. Me And My Uncle
  4. They Love Each Other
  5. New Minglewood Blues
  6. Peggy-O
  7. Beat It On Down The Line
  8. Deal

Show Notes

* w/ Hamza El Din

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • Bob Weir
    guitar, vocals

  • Phil Lesh
    bass, vocals

  • Bill Kreutzmann

  • Mickey Hart

  • Keith Godchaux

  • Donna Jean Godchaux

Additional Acts:
  • Hamza El Din & Cairo Youth Choir

Show Facts

First "Ollin Arageed".

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User avatar

Curt Crosby | Sunday, May 30th, 2021

I was visiting the pyramids, after missing the USO tour, ( I was stationed aboard USS JFK CV67 ) total surprise finding the dead on stage. Sept 14 th wasn’t a very productive night for the band.
BUT I WAS THERE ! priceless !!!

User avatar

Khat Baker | Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

I wanted to go so bad but my parents would not let me go. I was only 16 and they didn’t want me going there without them. As I look back, I can totally understand why but when I was 16 I certainly didn’t.

User avatar

Ian Fry | Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

37 years? It seems like yesterday. And yes, I was there…

User avatar

Mario Veille | Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Sure would be fun to have a reunion one of these years…

User avatar

Steve Stidham | Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Lost almost my whole collection of dead shows due to flood can somebody please help