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Beacon Theatre

New York, NY


Grateful Dead

Summer 1976

June 14, 1976

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Set List

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • Bob Weir
    guitar, vocals

  • Phil Lesh
    bass, vocals

  • Bill Kreutzmann

  • Mickey Hart

  • Keith Godchaux

  • Donna Jean Godchaux

Show Facts

This show has been officially released as part of the "Grateful Dead - June 1976" box set.

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Kevin Burke | Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

This is one of my all-time favorite shows at one of my favorite venues!!! Of all the GREAT venues in Manhattan, the Beacon Theater, for me, has it all…history, charm, acoustics, small, clean, cozy, easy to get to, good neighborhood. With Pallas Athena holding her spear on both sides of the stage and all the great artwork…it is a GREAT place for visuals & sound (if you catch my drift). Glad they made it a Landmark cause they were gonna tear it down.

1976…people were Jones’in for a Dead show. Its been 2 years and the boys were back in town. Back then, tickets were so in demand that you had to win a chance to buy tickets in a lottery. My best friend & I drove up to the City from the Shore. We were 21 & had 2 sugar cubes with us that night.
We had some half decent seats, about 18 rows back on the left on the aisle. Just as the Band was coming on, the doors in the upper level burst open and a bunch of people (30, 50, 100, alot) broke in. It was pure mayhem & confusion! The Band started playing so the security couldn’t stop the show & couldn’t do shit. I turned to my friend and we both thought the same thing…these people don’t have tickets so they’re gonna rush the aisles, so we front-runned them all the way up to the stage right in front of Garcia. I was in heaven & high as a kite. Cold Rain & Snow, Cosmic Charlie, my first Help>Slip>Frank…could have been a better choice for the encore