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La Paloma Theater

Encinitas, CA


Jerry Garcia Band

December 27, 1975

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Set List

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  • Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals

  • John Kahn

  • Nicky Hopkins

  • Ron Tutt

Show Facts

There remains some question as to whether this show actually took place. One story has Hopkins breaking down after the first few songs and the show being cancelled at that point for a full refund. The next night was cancelled.

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john kerr | Saturday, December 26th, 2020

I was there, the shows took place. first night was great, as was the second, but it was obvious that the guys, including Jerry, had partied hard the night after the first show; especially Nicky. He was sweaty and disheveled, but playing. When it came time for his tune(s), he he played “jingle Bells”, chopsticks-style, just using his index fingers. Honestly can’t remember whether he played “Edward the Mad Shirt Grinder” afterwards, but played it the first night……