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Show billed as Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart. Benefit Experiment in Quadraphonic Sound. Show time 7pm - 11pm. Admission $3.50.

Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

San Francisco, CA


Jerry Garcia and Friends

November 28, 1973

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Adventures in the Deep Noodle >
  2. Orgasmic Plasma Shift >
  3. The Spaghedeity's Revenge >
  4. Why Thank You, Yes, I Think I Will >
  5. Calabi-Yau Space >
  6. White Holes >
  7. Aggressive Precdicate
  8. Pushdown >
  9. Mama Cried >
  10. Franks 'N Beans >
  11. Wingteam Central >
  12. Dark Glass Broken >
  13. My Ass Hurts

Show Notes

Ned Lagin performed with Jerry and Mickey from an offstage location.

Phil Lesh conducted the live quadrophonic mix from the soundboard.

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Michael Bell | Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

This was the wildest thing I ever saw these guys do. Another band played first. They were called the Mantric Sun Band and their performance was very strange. Kind of like mountain music as played by a bunch of Buddhists. Maybe 8-10 musicians on acoustic instruments. It was impossible to tell whether they were putting everyone on or being earnest and filled with exuberant joy. They strode in, performed several numbers and strode out. Maybe 20 minutes at most., likely less. I had and still have no idea what those folks had up their sleeve.

User avatar

Melvin Backstrom | Monday, November 2nd, 2015

If you were at this show I’d really like to ask you some questions! Please contact me at incornsyucopia (a) gmail dot com