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The Matrix

San Francisco, CA


New Riders of the Purple Sage

September 2, 1970

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Hello Trouble
  2. Superman
  3. I Don't Know You
  4. I'm In Love With You
  5. Together Again
  6. Portland Women
  7. Big Yellow Taxi
  8. Glendale Train
  9. Little Boy
  10. Henry
  11. If You Hear Me When I'm Leavin'
  12. Sweet Lovin' One

Set 2

  1. Six Days On The Road
  2. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  3. Lady Came From Baltimore
  4. Fair Chance To Know
  5. Fun Fun Fun
  6. Workin' Man Blues
  7. Cecilia
  8. Louisiana Lady
  9. The Weight
  10. Dirty Business

Show Notes

David Nelson was sick and did not perform leaving Jerry to cover backup vocals, something he rarely did with NRPS.

  • Jerry Garcia pedal steel guitar

  • David Nelson
    lead guitar, vocals

  • John Dawson
    rhythm guitar, vocals

  • Dave Torbert
    bass, vocals

  • Mickey Hart

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