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This show may not have been a show at all. The show was not advertised and Chet Helms would often open the doors of his Family Dog at the Great Highway venue for afternoon jam sessions. It has since become known as a Mickey & the Hartbeats show.

Family Dog at The Great Highway

Early Show
San Francisco, CA


Mickey and the Hartbeats

August 28, 1969

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Set List

Set 1

  1. It's A Sin
  2. Hi-Heel Sneakers
  3. Dark Star >
  4. Jam >
  5. The Eleven Jam >
  6. Jam

Show Notes

Band included Jerry Garcia - guitar, Mickey Hart - drums, Bill Kreutzmann - drums, Phil Lesh - bass and Howard Wales - keyboards along with an unidentified flute player on certain tracks.

  • Jerry Garcia

  • Mickey Hart

  • Phil Lesh

  • Bill Kreutzmann

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