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Longshoreman's Hall

San Francisco, CA


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Set List

No set list available.

  • Jerry Garcia pedal steel guitar

  • David Nelson
    lead guitar, vocals

  • John Dawson
    rhythm guitar, vocals

  • Mickey Hart

  • Phil Lesh

Additional Acts:
  • Grateful Dead
  • Cleveland Wrecking Company
  • Ice

Show Facts

This show predates the name New Riders of the Purple Sage and is unknown as to how it was billed. The show was marred by problems with Bear's sound system.

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Paul Richey | Friday, November 25th, 2022

I’m not so sure now because it was so long ago but I vaguely remember that Santana played at this gig as well. I do remember that it was hot, chaotic, stop and starting at times and loads of motorbikes out front. New Riders did play under their name. We didn’t know who was playing until we got there.