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Top Of The Tangent

Palo Alto, CA


Black Mountain Boys

March 6, 1964

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Set List

Set 1

  1. Katie Kline
  2. Walking The Dog
  3. Paddy On The Turnpike (Boys, My Money's All Gone)
  4. Love And Wealth
  5. Sourwood Mountain
  6. If I Lose
  7. Homestead On The Farm (I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home)
  8. Stoney Creek
  9. Salty Dog Blues
  10. Love Please Come Home
  11. Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
  12. Darlin' Allalee
  13. In The Pines
  14. Raw Hide
  15. Black Mountain Rag
  16. True Life Blues
  17. Medley: Devil's Dream - Sailor's Hornpipe

  • Jerry Garcia banjo, guitar

  • David Nelson

  • Sandy Rothman

  • Geoff Levin

Show Facts

This show has been officially released on the "Jerry Garcia Before The Dead" box set.

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