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Boar's Head Coffee House

San Carlos, CA


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Set List

Set 1

  1. Top of the Hill
  2. Billy Grimes, The Rover
  3. Cannonball Blues
  4. Okim Dinkem Diary
  5. Buck Dancer's Choice
  6. Little Birdie
  7. Sally Goodin
  8. Hold the Woodpile Down

Set 2

  1. Crow Black Chicken
  2. Johnson Boys
  3. Shady Grove
  4. Uncle Joe
  5. The Sweet Sunny South
  6. Boarding House Blues
  7. Man Of Constant Sorrow
  8. Yonder He Goes
  9. Three Men Went A-Hunting

  • Jerry Garcia guitar, banjo

  • Marshall Leicester
    banjo, guitar

  • Dick Arnold

Show Facts

Parts of this show have been officially released on the "Jerry Garcia Before The Dead" box set.

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