Good Old Boys Live: Drink Up & Go Home 2-cd set live recording available now

Some of the greatest musical moments happen only once, in a live setting, and if you’re not there to experience them at the time, they’re lost to history. But every now and then, a buried treasure is discovered that brings a lost moment back to life and thrills music fans. Such is the case with this recently unearthed live recording of the all-star bluegrass band the Good Old Boys playing at Margarita’s Cantina, a Santa Cruz club, in February of 1975. Most Jerry Garcia fans know of his early interest in bluegrass music, which was an essential part of Garcia’s development as an instrumentalist and songwriter, but many Garcia fans are unaware that in 1975, during a Grateful Dead’s hiatus, Jerry produced a seminal album for another bluegrass group called the Good Old Boys, featuring guitarist David Nelson from the New Riders of the Purple Sage, and Frank Wakefield, one of the greatest mandolin players in the genre. The Good Old Boys made one album for Round Records, recorded up at Mickey Hart’s Ranch. Shortly after completing the Good Old Boys album, the group decided to do a series of live shows, but during that time period, two of the key players from the original studio lineup were unavailable to go on the road. In a conversation with bassist Pat Campbell, Garcia mentioned that he would love to sit in on banjo, and with Jerry’s participation, and the addition of fiddle player extraordinaire Brantley Kearns, a new version of the Good Old Boys emerged, ready to hit the club circuit. On February 20th and 21st in 1975, the Good Old Boys played for two nights at Margarita’s Cantina. The performances were well received, with outstanding singing, blistering mandolin and violin solos, and a crowd-pleasing vibe that’s apparent from the moment the band takes the stage. Here, for the first time, thanks to a full restoration of these 2-track tapes, fans can finally hear this music in all its glory.

Good Old Boys Live: Drink Up & Go Home


Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. Ashes of Love
  2. Deep Elem Blues
  3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
  4. Toy Heart
  5. Fireball Mail (Jerry Garcia on banjo)
  6. I’ll Never Make You Blue
  7. All the Good Times (Jerry Garcia on vocals)
  8. She’s No Angel
  9. Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
  10. Wildwood Flower
  11. Teardrops In My Eyes


Disc 2:

  1. Lonesome Road Blues
  2. Long Gone
  3. Leave Well Enough Alone
  4. White House Blues
  5. T For Texas
  6. Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player
  7. First Whippoorwill
  8. New Camptown Races
  9. Pistol Packing Mama
  10. Rawhide
  11. Jerusalem Moan
  12. Drink Up & Go Home (Jerry Garcia on lead vocals)
  13. Orange Blossom Special