Garcia (Remixed) Coming to Vinyl April 19th!

Garcia (Remixed) gave Garcia’s solo debut a whole new beat last year in celebration of the album’s 50th anniversary. On April 19th, Round Records will give LP Giobbi’s genre-defying dance potion a whole new life with a special vinyl pressing available in stores and online everywhere.

The DJ/Producer and life-long Deadhead relished the opportunity to experiment with Garcia’s music dubbing the project “one of the greatest honors of my life.” She continues in the album’s liner notes,

“I want it to be so clear that these songs cannot be made better. That is not what a remix is; it is a reimagining. When I think of Jerry, I think of his voice and guitar. So, I worked to put those elements in every bed of music I made for these songs. When creating these tracks, I was paying homage and respect to the thing most important to my musical upbringing. I also wanted to show this beautiful world to my community (the electronic music community) that might not know the Dead.”

Garcia’s iconic original cover art, created by Bob Seidemann, has also been reimagined by visionary artist Young & Sick for the remixed packaging. Garcia (Remixed) will be available in two physical editions: a magenta cloudy vinyl pressed in a limited edition of 500 available exclusively from our friends at Relix and a wider black vinyl edition available now for pre-order at

Side 1:

      1. Deal (LP Giobbi & Le Chev Remix)
      2. Bird Song (LP Giobbi & Le Chev Remix)
      3. Sugaree (LP Giobbi Remix)
      4. Loser (LP Giobbi Remix)

Side 2:

      1. Late for Supper (LP Giobbi & Le Chev Remix)
      2. To Lay Me Down (LP Giobbi Remix)
      3. An Odd Little Place (LP Giobbi & DJ Tennis Remix)
      4. The Wheel (LP Giobbi Remix)