Garcia Hand Picked Makes Its East Coast Debut

We are delighted to announce Garcia Hand Picked cannabis pre-rolls, flower and edibles are now available on the East Coast! Initially launched in California in November 2020, Garcia Hand Picked will be one of the first celebrity cannabis brands available in select dispensaries in Massachusetts this month with plans to expand to Maryland in May 2021.  Additional markets are planned to follow later this year.

“My dad would have loved to see the broad legalization and normalization of cannabis today. It gives people better options for medication, entertainment, and so many other things, which is one of the reasons we wanted to create cannabis that would honor the legacy of Jerry Garcia, delight the fans and benefit humanity,” said Trixie Garcia, Jerry Garcia’s daughter and spokesperson for The Garcia Family. “We believe cannabis is a preferred choice than both alcohol for pleasure and opiates for chronic pain. We want more people to have a better option as we push toward national legalization. We found a partner in Holistic Industries, after years of searching, who shares our values and priorities, is able to make a national brand and continues to deliver on their promise of authenticity in every aspect of the Garcia Hand Picked brand.”

From the plant genetics to packaging design and marketing, Garcia Hand Picked has been carefully curated by The Garcia Family to create an inspired cannabis experience that’s the highest quality, spontaneous, harmonious and can bring people together in the way only Jerry could. Holistic and The Garcia Family worked together to identify and select old school strains and new genetics passed down from life on tour for Garcia Hand Picked. On April 11, 2021, Super Lemon Haze from the Garcia Hand Picked’s California collection, in collaboration with NorCal Cannabis Company, took second place in the Emerald Cup’s Indoor Licensed Cultivator Flower category.

Garcia Hand Picked strains available in products at launch in April in Massachusetts include Tropicanna Haze (Sativa), Shiskaberry Mango (Indica) and Limefire Skunk (Hybrid), among others. It was important for this brand to have a variety of form factors to be inclusive and accessible for different types of consumers while also maintaining authenticity. Garcia Hand Picked is now available in more than 60 dispensaries in California, select dispensaries in Massachusetts, and will be available in Maryland in May 2021. For more information, please visit