Bicycle Day 2018 – Limited Edition Screen Prints & Variants

“For me all music is psychedelic. Country and western music is psychedelic. The blues is psychedelic. Everything is psychedelic. All music.” – Jerry Garcia, 1989

On Thursday April 19th, we’ll be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s wide-eyed bicycle ride in Basel, Switzerland 1943 and his “problem child” which unlocked doors of perception and created a spark which greatly inspired Garcia, the Acid Tests, and well, you know the rest. This year’s Bicycle Day limited edition print was created by Bay area artists Caitlin Mattisson and Alan Forbes who drew their inspiration from Garcia’s own psychedelic tales.

Bicycle Day 2018 is presented in 5 variations — a main edition print and four “powerful paper” foil variants.  The main edition print is signed & numbered by the artists in an edition of 500 while each variant is signed and numbered in an edition of 75 each.  All prints measure 18” x 18” and will be fulfilled by Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.

Prints will be released for sale beginning Thursday afternoon, April 19th at

– In the interest of making this print available to as many fans as possible, we must limit orders to 1 print per household. Any duplicate orders will be cancelled and refunded.
– Each print will be shipped in a 30″ heavy-duty tube packaged and fulfilled by Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, CA.
– Prints will be shipped during the week of April 23, 2017.

Bicycle Day 2018

Lava Variant

Pillars of Light Variant

Rainbow Variant

Sparkle Variant