All The Years Combine: Day One – American Beauty, 1967 by Herb Greene

Beginning today on what would be Jerry’s 73rd birthday and continuing through August 9th, we pay tribute to Jerry by looking back on the work of nine photographers and the stories behind their iconic images in a collection titled: All The Years Combine.  We begin that tribute today with Herb Greene’s American Beauty portrait captured in 1967.


“Jer, Me and the Hasselblad SWC. Hey Now! Jerry enjoyed being photographed as much as I loved to continue our dialogue. He would come into the studio with a ‘Hiya Kids! Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!’ that came from a favorite 50’s kids show with Froggy the Gremlin. Playful in the beginning, slowly morphing into talking about a wide range of subjects including family dynamics, failing eyesight and expensive dental work.” — Deadly Herbie

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