• Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

    Jerry Garcia / David Grisman

    August 23, 1991

    Acoustic Disc
The first of a series of Garcia/Grisman albums on David Grisman's Acoustic Disc label. This release includes covers of songs from a wide range of American music, plus a version of Friend of the Devil and a new Garcia/Grisman composition.


  1. The Thrill is Gone
  2. Grateful Dawg
  3. Two Soldiers
  4. Friend Of The Devil
  5. Russian Lullaby
  6. Dawg's Waltz
  7. Walkin' Boss
  8. Rockin' Chair
  9. Arabia

  • Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocal)
  • David Grisman (mandolin)
  • Joe Craven (fiddle, percussion)
  • James Kerwin (bass)

(0) Additional Personnel

Album Notes

A section of Arabia is based on the traditional Cuban folk song Hasta Siempre.

Grisman recalled in an interview how the Garcia and Grisman performances and recordings in the 1990s came about: “Jerry came over to my house one day, checked out my home studio, and asked me, ‘How about putting out some more Old and in the Way tapes?’ I said, ‘Frankly Jerry, I’d rather see us put out something new, we can put out Old [and in the Way] tapes when we’re in wheelchairs.”

As well as being artistically successful the Garcia and Grisman partnership also gave Grisman the finances needed to continue his Acoustic Disc record label. As Grisman noted in another interview: “Jerry kind of takes care of the profitable part.”

The first Garcia / Grisman album was nominated for a Grammy and sold more than 100,000 copies.

The first live Garcia / Grisman performance was in December 1990.



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