• Jerry Garcia

    Garcia (Compliments of Garcia)

    June 06, 1974

    Grateful Dead Records
Garcia's second solo LP includes one song by John Kahn and Robert Hunter but is otherwise comprised of cover songs.


  1. Let It Rock
  2. When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
  3. That's What Love Will Make You Do
  4. Russian Lullaby
  5. Turn On The Bright Lights
  6. He Ain't Give You None
  7. What Goes Around
  8. Let's Spend The Night Together
  9. Mississippi Moon
  10. Midnight Town

  • Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals, classical guitar)
  • Arthur Adams (guitar)
  • Michael Omartian (piano, tack piano, Fender Rhodes)
  • John Kahn (bass, horn arrangement, string arrangement)
  • Ron Tutt (drums)
  • Merl Saunders (organ)
  • Larry Carlton (guitar)

(29) Additional Personnel

    • Bobbye Hall (percussion on tracks 1- 3 & 7- 8)
    • Melvin Moore (trumpet on tracks 3 & 5)
    • Gene Connors (trombone on tracks 3 & 5)
    • Jackie Kelso (saxophones on tracks 3 & 5)
    • Amos Garrett (trombone on tracks 4 & 7)
    • Joel Tepp (clarinet on track 4)
    • Richard Greene (violin on tracks 4 & 8)
    • Merry Clayton (backing vocals on tracks 6 & 10)
    • Clydie King (backing vocals on tracks 6 & 10)
    • Patty (backing vocals on tracks 6 & 10)
    • Geoff Muldaur (clarinet on track 7)
    • Maria Muldaur (backing vocals on track 8)
    • Ben Benay (rhythm guitar on track 9)
    • Tom Rose (clarinet on track 9)
    • John Rotella (e flat clarinet on track 9)
    • Willie Green (b flat clarinet on track 9)
    • Gary Ray (b flat clarinet on track 9)
    • Julian Sheer (bass clarinet on track 9)
    • Sid Page (violin on tracks 9-10)
    • Carl Pedersen (violin on tracks 9-10)
    • Nathan Rubin (violin on tracks 9-10)
    • Emily van Valkenburg (violin on tracks 9-10)
    • Miriam Dye (viola on tracks 9-10)
    • Nancy Ellis (viola on tracks 9-10)
    • Terry Adams (cello on tracks 9-10)
    • Judiyaba (cello on tracks 9-10)
    • Ray Siegal (sring bass on tracks 9-10)
    • Arnie Egilsson (string bass on tracks 9-10)
    • Sid Sharp (contractor on tracks 9-10)

Album Notes

This was the second LP to be released on Grateful Dead’s Round Records label. The label was formed in 1974 for solo projects.

This album was simply titled, Garcia, as was the 1972 Garcia LP. It became known as Compliments Of Garcia as the word “compliments” was printed above the title on early, complimentary copies of the LP.

This title was officially adopted for the 1989 release to match common usage and avoid confusion with the 1972 Garcia.

This LP is often described as one for which Garcia chose some of his favorite songs but this is not the case. He discussed the LP during an interview in the early 80’s:

“Most of those songs I didn’t know, either, so I went in there like a studio vocalist, with the lyrics – most of them I’d only heard one or two times. That was one of the few times when I didn’t really go on a trip about the material. I let John do the material selecting, except for a few suggestions like Russian Lullaby, which was one of mine. I wanted him to have something to do. I enjoy working with him and it’s one of those things that he can do, and it’s one of those situations that doesn’t happen to him much in the other parts of his musical life … John and I share such similarities of taste, something that I like John is almost sure to like it. We’re very like each other musically. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been playing with him all this time.”

The LP reached number 49 in Billboard’s album charts.



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